Our Mattress Cleaning Service

It is difficult items in your home when it comes to cleaning is bedroom mattresses. Mattresses simply tend to be overlooked because most people don’t think of their mattresses becoming dirty when they are simply used for sleeping. However, mattresses tend to collect dust from the air, perspiration, oils from your hair and body and even dead skin cells and odors that may be present in the home. Mattresses may also be subjected to stains and odors as results of accidents.

Our Trained Technicians

Our powerful steam cleaners provides a deep cleaning for your bedroom mattresses, leaving them free of dust and other pollutants, removing stains and odors, and killing any germs or bacteria that may be lingering in your mattress. When we clean your mattresses we use our state of the art steam cleaners and organic cleaners. Our organic cleaners are safer to use on your mattresses than chemical cleaners because they don’t leave behind any toxic chemical fumes or residue that can affect your health. Instead your mattresses simply smell and feel fresh and clean.

The Importance Of Using Our Organic Cleaners On Your Mattresses

Natick Carpet Cleaners strives to offer green cleaning products that are even safe for kids and dogs. While our non-toxic formula can remove the toughest of stains, it does not comprise your health.

Why we feel our Mattress Cleaning are the Best

Most people feel that because they use mattress covers that they wash on a regular basis that their mattresses are protected from becoming dirty. While it is true that using a mattress cover will keep your mattresses clean longer, your mattress will still gather dirt, odors and other pollutants. Studies show that periodically cleaning your mattresses two to three times a year will result in you’re getting more restful sleep and result in better bedroom air quality.

We Offer Both Commercial and Residential Mattress Cleaning

We serve our customers by offering both residential and commercial mattresses cleaning services. If you are interested in mattress cleaning, schedule a free consultation at (508) 203 6980.

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